ISRI 6000/577 V crane seats for refurbished harbor cranes

ISRI crane seats for harbor cranes Europort Antwerp 18 May 2020

Euroports Antwerp specializes in storage and trans-shipment of general cargo. The goods arrive by ship and are stored or transferred to other ships to be transported to the final destination.

For the transfer of more and more general cargo, Euroports Antwerp recently took over two older harbor cranes from the City of Antwerp. These cranes have been overhauled step by step, repainted and with fully restored mechanics . Of course, new crane seats for the crane operators were an essential part of the overhaul.

EBLO Seating were requested to supply two new seats that are ergonomic, safe and durable. The old rusted KAB 414 type seats have since been replaced by more modern luxury and high comfort models from the ISRI brand. Because of the limited space in the cabin on the sides of the seats, it is imperative that all buttons for adjusting the seat are located to the front. This is one of the reasons why the ISRI 6000/577 V was chosen. This seat is easy to adjust for all operators, and also meets all heavy duty requirements.

The assembly was done in house by the Euroports technical service department. EBLO supplied mounting strips for a direct bolt in installation. No additional work was needed as we supplied a pug and play solution, and the seat adjustments are easy to operate so users could immediately use the them once the refit was complete.

In order to keep the new ISRI 6000/577 V crane seats as good as new in the coming years, EBLO has supplied appropriate ‘over covers’ so that the seats can be kept clean.

We wish the operators of Euroports Antwerp a lot of fun and above all comfort with the new crane seats!